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Lysaght and the 'Design Duo' Team Up for an Unforgettable YouTube Series

The world of design and architecture is in constant evolution, setting new standards and raising the bar for innovation and quality. As part of our ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of the industry, we're thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Australia’s favourite interior designers Alisa and Lysandra, commonly known as the 'Design Duo'.

Who Are the Design Duo?

Renowned for their luxurious and intricate designs, Alisa and Lysandra first made their mark by winning The Block in 2013. They then took their talents to the next level by launching their design business, Alisa and Lysandra Interiors, in 2014. Their innovative approach and meticulous eye for detail have since captured the hearts of both homeowners and industry professionals alike.

Why Collaborate?

Our collaboration with the Design Duo aligns perfectly with Lysaght's vision for excellence in design and construction. Alisa and Lysandra have a history of opting for quality materials for their various projects, including our own Lysaght products. It’s not just about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, it’s about employing durable, versatile materials that stand the test of time. This is a match made in design heaven!

Introducing 'Design Duo: Twin Off' on YouTube

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Brace yourselves for a treat as we're taking this collaboration to the airwaves—or more accurately, to the WiFi waves! The Design Duo has launched an engaging six-part YouTube series, 'Design Duo: Twin Off.' In this series, each sister will design and build her very own duplex. The catch? The duplexes will be beside one another, creating a thrilling competitive edge.

Watch out for episode 3, airing on 24th September, where Lysaght fencing will be showcased. Episode 6, scheduled for 15th October, will feature our premium roofing and walling solution, the LYSAGHT ZENITH® range. Each episode promises a glimpse into the world of luxury architecture and intricate interior designs.

A Sneak Peek into an Upcoming Promotion

As October 16 approaches, be on the lookout for a special promotion we're rolling out alongside the series. More details are on the way, so keep an eye out on our socials, Instagram and Facebook!

A Note from Our Marketing Manager

This collaboration is not just showcasing our products; we're aligning our brand with innovative design solutions that resonate with modern homeowners.

Ready, Set, Watch!

We invite you to tune in to the Design Duo’s ‘Twin Off’ series, live now on their YouTube channel. It’s a series you won’t want to miss!

Interior design sensations, Alisa and Lysandra, also known as the 'Design Duo', are admired for their refined and luxurious creations. From winning The Block to launching their successful design series, their innovative approach and eye for detail never fail to impress. Their discerning choice of quality materials in various projects, including Lysaght products, beautifully embodies their commitment to exceptional design.

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