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Steel’s strength, durability and adaptability make it vital to modern economies. It’s in the buildings we call home, the cars we drive, the electronics we use every day and the equipment we all rely on. At Lysaght, we see a strong future for steel, one that will provide a critical foundation for long-term sustainable economic development and the transition to a low carbon society.

Steel plays an integral role in the rapid construction of new assets and in repurposing historic buildings to retain heritage whilst modernising them to increase their usability. Steel is also crucial in supporting the transport and utilities sectors that are extremely important to maintaining productive towns and cities, along with the people who live within them.

The demand for steel is expected to keep growing worldwide, particularly as developing countries industrialise and populations urbanise. Growth in renewable energy infrastructure and sustainable transport technology is also expected to increase demand. Local steelmaking and supply arrangements make an important contribution to local, regional, and national economies, providing a range of benefits for customers, employees, and their communities. The steel industry also employs around 6 million people worldwide and is the source of some 40 million additional jobs across related sectors.

Product innovation, manufacturing efficiency and improved design and construction practices within the steel industry play an important role in shaping steel demand and meeting expectations for sustainable materials.

Sustainability of LYSAGHT® steel building products

All LYSAGHT® building products are manufactured from steel produced by BlueScope in Australia. BlueScope has several sustainability certifications and credentials to support the selection of products manufactured from steel produced by BlueScope in Australia, including LYSAGHT® products.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a third party verified and registered document that communicates transparent data and other relevant environmental information about the lifecycle environmental impact of a product.

To provide transparency into the environmental impact of its steel products, BlueScope publishes Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Unlike industry average EPDs, all BlueScope EPDs provide information that is specific to their products.

EPDs for the BlueScope steel products used to manufacture LYSAGHT® steel building products, such as COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, DECKFORM® steel and TRUECORE® steel are available from the BlueScope Australia website

Global GreenTag GreenRate™

GreenRate™ is a robust and comprehensive third-party verified ecolabelling program aligned with the ISO 14024 standard for environmental labels and declarations. 

Selected BlueScope steel products have obtained GreenRate™ certification through evaluation against a range of sustainability attributes including in relation to toxicity of materials and availability of environmental footprints (water and greenhouse gas emissions).

Further information on BlueScope’s GreenRate certification is available from the SteelSelect website


The ResponsibleSteel™ certification can give organisations in the steel value chain confidence in the environmental, social and governance performance of our steelmaking facilities, and may help them to meet their climate objectives and manage supply chain risks.

BlueScope’s Port Kembla Steelworks, where the steel for BlueScope’s branded steel products is manufactured, has achieved ResponsibleSteel™ certification.

Further information on ResponsibleSteel™ is available from the BlueScope Corporate website

A business of BlueScope

Lysaght, a business of BlueScope in Australia, is supported by BlueScope company-wide initiatives supporting sustainable business practices across areas including sustainable growth and transformation, safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces, climate action, responsible products and supply chains and strong communities.