Coastal design guide

Characteristics of Coastal Houses 

Australian coastal style has undergone a significant transformation from the days of simple beach shacks, evolving into a luxurious design movement that draws inspiration from its seaside location. This architectural style remains deeply rooted in a laid-back lifestyle, reflecting the beauty and tranquility of coastal living. 

Coastal houses, especially those in proximity to the ocean, face the challenge of saltwater weathering. Properties within 10km of 'breaking surf' must adhere to the requirements set down by the National Construction Code to protect against corrosion. As a response to these coastal conditions, the style emphasises the use of low-maintenance materials that can withstand the harsh coastal environment. 

Helping define Australia’s Coastal Style 

Lysaght products have shaped Australian architecture for over 150 years with its famous corrugated steel sheets playing a major role in the design of our homes. This product, now known as CUSTOM ORB®, has been used on many classic Australian structures, from homesteads and stables, to the outdoor dunny and our iconic water tanks.  

As Australia’s leading shaper of COLORBOND® steel and other premium roofing and walling finishes, Lysaght has the range of colours and finishes for any coastal style of home. From the famous range of COLORBOND® steel colours through to stainless steel and aluminium products, we can ensure your home not only looks great, but will last even in the toughest of Australian coastal conditions. 


Coastal Style 

The coastal architectural style home, or "beach house style," embodies the relaxed and breezy atmosphere of coastal living. This design aesthetic draws inspiration from beachfront and seaside settings, capturing the essence of the ocean, sand, and sky. Coastal style homes are characterized by light and airy interiors, with a palette of soft blues, sandy neutrals, and white, evoking the ocean and shore. 

Coastal style may feature distinct design elements tailored to withstand coastal challenges and celebrate the beauty of waterfront living. Pitched or gabled roofs to efficiently shed wind and rain, while open floor plans and large windows maximise natural light and scenic views. 

These homes often have outdoor living spaces, such as decks and balconies, for enjoying the sea breeze. Coastal architectural style combines practicality with aesthetics, creating a unique and inviting retreat that captures the essence of coastal living. 

To learn more about the Typical Characteristics of the Coastal home, download our Coastal Look Book.


Choosing the right product 

Avoiding corrosion is the biggest challenge when building in coastal environments. Choosing the right materials to protect the integrity of the build and ensuring the home looks beautiful for years to come is critical. 

While LYSAGHT(R) roofing, walling and guttering shaped from COLORBOND® steel will meet the performance needs of homes built in most locations, more demanding coastal environments require materials with a greater level of corrosion protection. 

Roofing and Walling Material Selection summary


Coastal Roofing & Walling Profiles 

The LYSAGHT® roofing range includes Coastal inspired options available in either unpainted or pre-painted COLORBOND® steel finishes to suit every project. 


Roofing and Walling 

Australia’s iconic corrugated shape is the classic Queenslander roof style. 


Versatile rib & pan-style steel roofing or walling
Clip fixed steel roofing or walling for supreme watertightness
Steel roofing or walling featuring tall slender ribs and broad, flat pans
Nailstrip-style steel roofing or walling featuring a striking linear aesthetic
Clip-fixed nailstrip-style steel roofing or walling featuring a clean linear appearance
High performance standing seam steel roofing or walling, capable of curving

Walling Only

Complete the Look 

Lysaght supplies a large range of traditional style rainwater goods including gutters, downpipes and rainheads specifically suited to Coastal projects. These products are important details that will either need to blend in or contrast to your roofing or brickwork. LYSAGHT® rainwater goods are available in either a range of pre-painted COLORBOND® steel finishes or unpainted to allow you to create your own unique coastal styling. 



Classic shaped steel gutters adaptable to both modern & older style houses, patios, carports & sheds.
Taper-fronted steel gutter suitable for contemporary & modern style houses
Taper-fronted steel gutter suitable for contemporary & modern style houses
Curved-base steel gutters suitable for modern style houses & commercial buildings
Curved-base steel gutters with a flat rear face for modern style houses.
Steel fascia system compatible with an extensive range of LYSAGHT® gutters

Roofing shaped from Permalite® Aluminium  

For use in marine and other challenging environments, PERMALITE ® aluminium is a long lasting, durable, lightweight alternative to other roofing materials, unique in its ability to remain corrosion free with minimal maintenance. 

  • Waveline 

  • Alspan 

  • LT7 

  • VRib


Fixings, accessories, rainwater goods and flashings for permalite® aluminium 

  • Quad 

  • Half Round 

  • M Style 

  • Alluline Fascia 

  • Alluline Fascia Cover 


Colour the Coastal Way 

The colour palette of coastal style homes relies on a serene combination of whites, neutral tones, and greys. Crisp white exteriors evoke the sun-bleached essence of coastal cottages, radiating a timeless elegance and a clean, airy ambiance. Neutral tones such as sandy beige and soft grey establish a harmonious backdrop, reflecting the tranquillity of the surrounding coastal landscape. These shades create a sense of balance and provide the perfect canvas for the serene and sophisticated character of coastal living. The inclusion of bolder greys in the palette further adds a touch of coastal authenticity, suggesting weathered driftwood and creating a soothing and welcoming coastal retreat 

Dover White™
Shale Grey™

The COLORBOND® steel colour swatches shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours and finish as accurately as possible, but you should check your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, since varying light conditions and technical limitations can affect colour tones and finish when viewed on screen. Availability of colours & finishes varies by region and profile.

Permalite Aluminium Colours 

PERMALITE® aluminium building products are also available in a colour palette to suit coastal styling. With a range that encompasses modern neutrals as well as bold shades, there is a selection of colours that can seamlessly integrate into any architectural design. 

ALL COLOURS – do we have this in play yet for Permalite?