Shapers of COLORBOND® steel


With a heritage that spans over 100 years of manufacturing in Australia the Lysaght name has earned a respected place in the building and construction industry. From the iconic CUSTOM ORB® corrugated roofing that is so much a part of Australian architecture, through to the revolutionary impact of innovative KLIP-LOK® cladding and BONDEK® structural decking the Lysaght brand has always had strong credentials with industry and trade participants.

Now, as a new generation of homeowners are becoming more engaged in the design, construction and renovation of the homes it is time to introduce our brand to this new audience.  

Rather than tread the well-worn path of flyover home footage combined with monotone product-detailed narration we chose to do something different from the crowd.  To capture the homeowners audience’s attention we took a leaf out of the retail marketing playbook and set out to deliver a commercial with a playful, whimsical tone.  One that would engage and entertain both visually and with a great soundtrack.  And to gain relevance for our messaging we chose leverage our close association with a brand with which the audience is already familiar – COLORBOND® steel.

With a creative concept called “100 Year Jam” the new Lysaght TVC takes the audience on an eclectic journey; a fast-paced meshing together of Lysaght products in various guises with evocative, familiar visuals all while building to the symbolic crescendo of a rocket ship launch, accompanied by a product centric narration across aspirational home imagery, before drawing to a closer with a simple, clear graphic “Lysaght – Shapers of COLORBOND® steel”.