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BONDEK profile

The original name in steel formwork, BONDEK® is an efficient, versatile and robust structural decking and ceiling system for concrete slabs.

BONDEK® schematic

Available in SA, TAS, VIC and WA

Cee Purlin profile
Lightweight structural steel members used in single spans, and unlapped continuous spans in multi-bay building. Ideal as eave purlins or where compact sections are required for detailing.
Schematic of Lysaght CEE section purlin

Available Australia Wide


Integrated system replacing the need for the separate purlin bridging and roof raisers used in traditional commercial and industrial metal roof installation.

Available in ACT, NSW, NT, QLD and SA

TOPSPAN® 120 profile

A 120mm deep roof purlin or wall girt, TOPSPAN® 120 is commonly used in rural, residential and small commercial applications for sheds, garages and awnings where longer spans or strength is require

TOPSPAN® 120 schematic

Available Australia Wide

TOPSPAN® 22 profile

Easy to use and versatile, providing strength, lightness and rigidity, TOPSPAN® 22 is a 22mm deep batten ideal for use as a ceiling batten for internal fixing of ceiling or wall liner.

TOPSPAN® 22 Schematic

Available Australia Wide

TOPSPAN® 40 profile

Ideal for use as a roofing batten for residential steel or tiled roof, TOPSPAN® 40 is a 40mm deep batten offering a high strength yet light weight solution that won’t shrink, warp or twist.

TOPSPAN® 40 Schematic

Available Australia Wide

TOPSPAN® 61 profile

TOPSPAN® 61 is 61mm deep batten ideal for small framed shed and awning applications with a convenient size between that of a small purlin and large batten.

TOPSPAN® 61 schematic

Available Australia Wide