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Co-operative marketing support

Co-operative marketing is a partnership Lysaght offers to our trusted network of resellers that allows us to support your local and regional marketing and advertising goals. To ensure that we maximise the value of the trusted LYSAGHT® brand it is important that, together, we use the brand consistently. As a valued Lysaght reseller, we are proud to offer your benefits that include:

  1. Assistance to create your own marketing materials including brochures, advertising and key messages using our brand;
  2. Alignment with a trusted Australian brand;
  3. Opportunities to promote this alignment by using the Lysaght logo alongside your own logo in a way that represents our brand correctly;
  4. Aligning your brand with ours to help build further trust with your customers, backed by Lysaght’s 100-year history as an Australian manufacturer.

Guidelines for Co-operative Marketing

Please use the co-operative marketing guidelines when producing your own marketing material promoting Lysaght or LYSAGHT® products. Please note all co-operative marketing materials, including updates to existing materials, must be supplied to Lysaght for review and approval before they are published.

Thumbnail of Lysaght® Logo Guide

Lysaght® Logo Guide

Co-operative Marketing Approval Form

Before submitting your promotional or advertising material for approval from Lysaght, please complete this form and submit it alongside your proposed marketing material to your Lysaght account manager. Your account manager will send this to Lysaght Marketing for review and approval.

Thumbnail of Lysaght® Approval Form

Lysaght® Approval Form

Collateral, signage, displays and other marketing material

Lysaght has a comprehensive range of collateral and other marketing material available to assist trade customers in reselling LYSAGHT® products.

Please discuss your requirements with your Lysaght account manager.

Thumbnail of Lysaght Co-Operative Marketing Templates

Lysaght Co-Operative Marketing Templates


Co-operative marketing support & collateral

BlueScope has a comprehensive co-operative marketing program for resellers of products manufactured from COLORBOND® steel to utilise. To learn more, and to order COLORBOND® steel collateral such as brochures and swatches, visit the COLORBOND® steel Marketing Support website.


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