Pop-Up Penetration

Pop Up Penetrations

Unlike unattractive and poorly performing dry pan flashing, the patented Pop Up Penetration™ system, exclusively distributed by Lysaght, facilitates the even flow of rainwater where roof penetrations are located thanks to a unique and elegant design which ensures a long run roof carries water away evenly and efficiently.

Available in a range of quality materials, finishes and colours to complement any roof, the clever Pop Up Penetration™ system also easily accommodates multiple roof penetrations by ensuring each penetration re-diverts its own water correctly and does not affect roof run performance.

  • Manufactured using genuine COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel
  • Clean, elegant design in a range of finishes and colours to suit any roof and architecture
  • The engineered solution that correctly redirects water flow to all pans of the roof sheet to avoid flooding of the laps
  • Can be ordered in kit form, off a plan, months in advance
  • No site measure is required, saving time on site
  • Design has been engineered, independently certified and is endorsed by Lysaght for use with its products
  • The system is covered by the BlueScope Roofing Warranty*
  • Complete peace of mind that your project will be watertight

For those applications where, dry pan/ over flashings have already been installed, the Pop up Penetration™ Diffuser kit is a fast and simple way to improve the performance of the existing flashing system. The Pop up Penetration™ Diffuser kit fits over the existing flashings eliminating flooding of adjacent pans and directing waterflow equally across downstream roof sheet pans.

Subject to application and eligibility criteria being met.
Note: To be used in conjunction with Lysaght design guides.

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LYSAGHT Pop Up Penetration™ Installation Guide

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