Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Video Case Study: The Waterhole Cafe

Discover the story behind The Waterhole Cafe at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, where Trevor Williams of Jackson Teece Architects reimagines visitor experience through the lens of innovative design and Lysaght's architectural prowess. This award-winning project showcases a blend of creativity, functionality, and environmental harmony.

Nestled at the heart of Taronga Western Plains Zoo, The Waterhole Cafe showcases visionary architecture and the transformative power of LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305® roofing. Explore the challenges, inspirations, and ground-breaking solutions that shaped this iconic zoo feature.

Trevor Williams' 38 years of design expertise, coupled with Lysaght's innovative roofing solutions, transformed a simple midway point into an architectural landmark. The Waterhole Cafe is no longer a pitstop, it's a destination that wows both visitors and the architectural community.


Transforming Taronga: The Waterhole Cafe's Architectural Journey with LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305®

Watch the full video to uncover the inspiration, design challenges, and collaborative efforts that brought The Waterhole Cafe to life. For an in-depth exploration of this unique design, dive deeper with our detailed case study here.

Join us on a visual journey that celebrates the intersection of quality products, innovative design and the natural world. The Waterhole Cafe is a beacon of architectural ingenuity and a space where visitors and nature converge.

Trevor Williams is a Senior Associate at Jackson Teece, with 38 years of urban and building design experience. His portfolio highlights complex projects, brilliantly addressed through his application of inventive lateral design solutions. Trevor regularly uses Lysaght products in his innovative and engaging designs.

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