Downpipe Inspection & Maintenance

The downpipes and stormwater disposal pipes are to be inspected for cleanliness and free flow of water. Growth of fungus and other matter and collected debris at the inlet and outlet locations is to be noted. Complete testing of the system for blockage at each downpipe is recommended.

  • Downpipes made from steel products should be cleaned using a pressure water hose directed down each of the downpipes.
  • The hose should then be fed into the pipe from the inlet down to the outlet, to ensure there are no obstructions.
  • Constrictions in the downpipe system may make it necessary to access the pipe from inspection points downstream of the downpipe inlet location.
  • Any noted blockages should be removed immediately, to avoid water back-up in the gutters. 

Last updated 7 December 2023

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