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Lysaght Joins Forces with Three Birds Renovations for Erin's Urban Farmhouse

We're excited to share some fantastic news with our Lysaght community! We have partnered with the renowned Three Birds Renovations for their latest project – Erin's Urban Farmhouse, House 16. This collaboration is a perfect blend of our enduring commitment to quality and their flair for transformative home design.

A Creative Collaboration: 

Three Birds Renovations, known for their stunning home transformations, have chosen to feature Lysaght's innovative products in their newest project. This venture is set to showcase the versatility and aesthetic appeal of our LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ roofing products, aligning perfectly with the Three Birds Renovations’ vision of creating a modern, yet timeless space.

Why Homeowners Should Tune In: 

This series is more than a home renovation; it's a source of inspiration for homeowners looking to embark on their own design journeys. It combines practical solutions with innovative design, offering you insights and ideas for your own home improvements. Through this collaboration, we're bringing the potential of Lysaght products directly into homes across Australia. 

Catch the Full Series: 

Tune into the Three Birds Renovations YouTube Channel starting 12 February to watch the entire series unfold. Pay special attention to Episode 2, airing 19 February, where our LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ roofing plays a starring role in the home's exterior transformation. 

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Homes Today: 

We're beyond excited for you to join us on this journey with Three Birds Renovations. As we watch Erin's Urban Farmhouse come to life, we hope you find ideas, excitement, and inspiration for your own home projects. Remember, whether it's a major renovation or a simple refresh, Lysaght is here to help you shape your dream home.

Stay updated and inspired by following our social channels for more from Lysaght and Three Birds Renovations. 

Three Birds Renovations, founded by Bonnie, Erin, and Lana, is a testament to friendship, passion, and the transformative power of home design. Originating from a shared dream and now inspiring a global community, this trio champions women in their home improvement journeys. With numerous successful renovations, a best-selling book, and impactful online courses, their collaboration with Lysaght celebrates the fusion of quality and creativity. 

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