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Reinventing Home Exteriors: The Urban Farmhouse Makeover with LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™

Elevating the Roof: The Architectural Statement Piece 

When Three Birds Renovations embarked on the transformation of Erin's Forever Home, the mission was clear: elevate a worn brick abode into an enchanting urban farmhouse brimming with contemporary appeal and timeless charm. As Lana from Three Birds Renovations puts it, "The roof is the crowning glory of the home," playing a pivotal role not only in protection but in shaping the home's identity.

The Vision Comes Alive with LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ 

Selecting the right roofing material was crucial for House 16, with much of the roof visible from the street. The choice? LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ in the COLORBOND® steel colour Basalt®. "This product really delivers on the urban contemporary look," says Lana. Its expansive flat pans juxtapose a low, pronounced rib, striking the perfect balance between minimalist and bold — an ideal complement to the architectural vision.


With a concealed fixing system, LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ provides not just a seamless look, but a weathertight seal that boosts the home's security. "It's about more than just keeping your family safe and dry," Lana emphasises. The system's ability to accommodate thermal expansion with longer lengths adds to its functional versatility, making it a prime choice for expansive roofing projects like Erin's Forever Home.

A Roof Built to Last 

Made from robust materials such COLORBOND® steel featuring Activate® technology, LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ stands strong against the elements. Lana notes, "Lysaght provides lots of options to suit any design, with a great range of colours and shapes.

Design Flexibility and Functionality 

The variable width options of LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ allow for a tailored aesthetic, aligning seamlessly with the design aspirations of any project. Whether installed as walling vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the SNAPSEAM™ creates a visually stunning effect that's specific to the architectural desires of the homeowner. "Head online to find your dream roof today," invites Lana, highlighting the ease with which homeowners can start their own transformation journey.

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation 

The partnership between Lysaght and Three Birds Renovations showcases the transformative impact innovative solutions like LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ can have on a home. "We love its clean but striking look," Lana reflects, noting how the SNAPSEAM™ is a perfect solution for contemporary architectural design.

Your Home, Your Masterpiece 

As homeowners look to shape their dream homes, it's essential to choose materials that align with both aesthetic desires and functional needs. The LYSAGHT ZENITH® range, featuring SNAPSEAM™, promises not just a roof, but a design statement that stands the test of time — a true marriage of form and function.

In the end, every choice we make in our home renovations is a stroke in the larger painting of our lives. With the right materials and visionary collaborators, your home can become the masterpiece you've always envisioned.

Three Birds Renovations, founded by Bonnie, Erin, and Lana, is a testament to friendship, passion, and the transformative power of home design. Originating from a shared dream and now inspiring a global community, this trio champions women in their home improvement journeys. With numerous successful renovations, a best-selling book, and impactful online courses, their collaboration with Lysaght celebrates the fusion of quality and creativity. 

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