Tips for Partnering with a Design Team

Collaborate from the Start

The key to a successful design project is collaboration. Trevor Williams emphasises, "Clients need to get involved early in the design process, so they can see how and where the ideas have come from." Being an active participant rather than a bystander in your project's narrative allows you to understand the story behind every line drawn and provide feedback for a custom design. It's not about micromanaging but contributing to the creative process, ensuring that the home you build is uniquely yours.

Clear Communication is Key

Communicating with an expert can seem daunting. The key lies in clarity and openness. "Communicating openly and effectively with your design team will ensure design success that aligns with your vision," Trevor advises. Don't fret over technical terms or perfect presentations; focus on conveying your lifestyle, your needs, and your aspirations. Your architect is there to translate your language into a blueprint, turning abstract thoughts into architectural reality.

Set Realistic Expectations

Finding that sweet spot between the grand plans in your head and what can actually be done is crucial, especially for first-time renovators or builders. "Having well-defined expectations allows you and your design team to work together on bringing your vision to life within your budget and timeline." It’s this balance that turns pie-in-the-sky ideas into a home that's as grounded as it is grand.

A Common Mistake

One of the all-too-common mistakes Trevor Williams sees some clients make is borrowing ideas rather than looking for bespoke solutions.


In one instance, a client arrived with a vision inspired by a glossy magazine spread, unaware of the lengthy process behind that polished image. Their dream site, with its unique slopes and views, couldn't simply accommodate a carbon-copied concept from a publication. It was through close collaboration that they crafted a design tailored to the nuances of their site, resulting in a home that was truly their own​​.


As you set out on this design journey, remember that it's a collaborative effort with your chosen team of experts who can help navigate the complexities of creating a new space. And when it comes to choosing materials and products that will shape your home, Lysaght offers a range that combines quality with innovation, ready to be woven into your project by the skilled hands of your design team.

Trevor Williams is a Senior Associate at Jackson Teece, with 38 years of urban and building design experience. His portfolio highlights complex projects, brilliantly addressed through his application of inventive lateral design solutions. Trevor regularly uses Lysaght products in his innovative and engaging designs.

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