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Why Choose Steel Roofing? Insights from Three Birds Renovations' House 16 Makeover

Transforming a home's aesthetic often begins at the top. Lana from Three Birds Renovations shares, "We chose steel as our roofing material as it not only looks great but also has a number of benefits." House 16's evolution into a stunning urban farmhouse showcases the timeless appeal of LYSAGHT® roofing products, particularly the SNAPSEAM™ profile. 

Durability Meets Design: 

Lana highlights the low maintenance and durability of LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™. Manufactured from COLORBOND® steel with Activate® technology, it promises enhanced corrosion resistance and longevity. "It's long-lasting and backed by generous warranties," she assures, emphasising the commitment to quality that LYSAGHT® has upheld for over a century. 

Aesthetic and Practicality in Harmony: 

Beyond aesthetics, SNAPSEAM™ offers practical benefits. Its concealed, clip-fixed system ensures a weathertight seal and a clean roofline, free from visible fasteners. As Lana notes, "A clip-fixed installation method makes it an easy install for professional roofers." 

Tailored Solutions: 

LYSAGHT® stands out for its personalised service across Australia, something Lana appreciates: "They are a huge help." With various profiles and colours available, homeowners can find the perfect fit for their renovation projects. 

Securing Your Home's Future with LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™: 

Choosing LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM™ for your roofing needs means investing in a solution that's as robust as it is refined. As Lana from Three Birds Renovations puts it, "LYSAGHT® products are made to last," ensuring that your home not only stands out but stands strong against the elements. 

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Three Birds Renovations, founded by Bonnie, Erin, and Lana, is a testament to friendship, passion, and the transformative power of home design. Originating from a shared dream and now inspiring a global community, this trio champions women in their home improvement journeys. With numerous successful renovations, a best-selling book, and impactful online courses, their collaboration with Lysaght celebrates the fusion of quality and creativity. 

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