Creature Comforts

Every year, thousands of animals are lost or abandoned. Every year, organisations like the Animal Welfare League of South Australia make a huge difference to these animals' lives, providing them with shelter, care, and new homes.

So when the Animal Welfare League decided to build a brand new animal shelter in Elizabeth, in the City of Playford, South Australia, BlueScope Lysaght was right there to help, with the donation of kennel roofing material for the League's brand new A$2 million facility.

The Animal Welfare League of South Australia is a not-for-profit charity that was established in 1964 to care for lost, abandoned and homeless animals, primarily dogs and cats. The organisation takes responsibility for approximately fifteen thousand animals each year.

The League's main facility is located at Wingfield, in Adelaide's north. Recently, the League decided to expand operations and build a new shelter to provide services for the further northern suburbs of Adelaide and adjacent rural areas. This was the largest undertaking of its type in the state since the construction of the present Wingfield site back in 1975.

"In addition to the shelter and pound facilities, we intend to incorporate a 'dog retirement home' within the Annexe,' explains Brian Whinfield, Executive Officer of the Animal Welfare League of South Australia. "This resource will meet a community need while providing much needed income support towards the operating costs of the shelter."

As well as the dogs' retirement home, facilities at the new Annexe include a multi-use public reception and animal management centre, six rows of kennels, a cattery, animal adoption and exercise yards, stock holding yards, a caretakers residence, public amenities, and car parking. The facility is being built by leading Adelaide building firm, Harrold and Kite.

Local Adelaide roofing company, Lakeside Roofing, supplied and installed all roofing, wall cladding, and rainwater goods for the new Annexe. "The job has been very successful," says Steve White, Managing Director of Lakeside Roofing. "We won the contract based on our demonstrated expertise, commitment to quality and previous good working relationship with Harrold and Kite."

Specialising in industrial and commercial work, Lakeside Roofing has been in operation for 15 years. Steve started the business from the ground up, commencing operations with only two employees. Now with a staff of 14, Lakeside Roofing is one of Adelaide's most professional and respected roofing companies.

Key requirements for the roofing material used on the project were that it be durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. That's where BlueScope Lysaght came in. Around 600 square metres of LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® was used for the roofing and wall cladding on the main administration building, which also featured LYSAGHT® gutters and capping in Woodland Grey COLORBOND® steel. A further 1,100 square metres of LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® was used for roofing and walling the animal enclosures.

"I've been dealing with BlueScope Lysaght for around 25 years," says Steve. "LYSAGHT® materials are good quality, and BlueScope Lysaght provides good technical support as a company."

In addition to providing quality materials and quality workmanship, both Lakeside Roofing and BlueScope Lysaght wanted to make a further contribution to the Animal Welfare League.

"The Animal Welfare League exists almost entirely on donations, and they were looking for cost savings on the project," explains Steve. "So, Lakeside Roofing donated some roofing sheets to the League. And BlueScope Lysaght donated all of the roofing materials for one of the dog kennel rows of ten pens."

The BlueScope Lysaght donation consisted of 130 square metres of LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®, which was used to roof one row of the adoption pens, an important component of the new facility, which will house many dogs seeking new and loving homes.

"At BlueScope Lysaght, we are committed to making a difference to the communities in which we operate," says Noor Crookshanks, Regional General Manager for BlueScope Lysaght. "The Animal Welfare League of South Australia provides important assistance to animals in need, and we were happy to encourage and support the work they do in our community."

Contributions like these are extremely beneficial to the League, says Brian Whinfield. "The Animal Welfare League is a not-for-profit charity that relies heavily on community support," he says. "All donations and sponsorships are valuable to the League and this gift from BlueScope Lysaght is one that will just keep on giving over the many decades that this shelter will be operating."

"This support will be recognised by the placement of an acknowledgement panel on the adoption pen for all our visitors to see. In this way, many supporters and adopters will be aware that BlueScope Lysaght supports animal welfare and the Animal Welfare League."

The Animal Welfare League's new Annexe will be officially opened on the 17th of April.