Customising a Classic Carport

As someone who relies on their vehicle for work, a carport was always on the cards for Latrobe Valley homeowner, Scott. A building industry professional, Scott identified with the classic appeal of this structure—an affordable shelter for his vehicles with a strength he could rely on. Working with his local LYSAGHT LIVING®, Darren Santon at Ultrabuild Latrobe Valley, Scott’s finished project perfectly represents the durability, classic style and contemporary versatility of steel carports today.

From the outset of the project, Scott’s experience with the limitations and upkeep of a timber carport led his search. “I did my last carport in timber and I knew I just wouldn’t get the span lengths I needed with timber,” Scott says. “The ongoing maintenance was becoming a chore, and I was constantly clearing out cobwebs and that sort of thing.” With his heart set on a steel design, Scott’s online research led him to choose a LYSAGHT LIVING® carport. “I found that LYSAGHT LIVING® was constantly coming up when I Googled ‘steel carports in my area’ and that sort of thing,” he says. “And I also saw sponsored posts on Facebook.” Visiting the LYSAGHT LIVING® website, Scott used the ‘Get A Quote’ function which connected him with Ultrabuild, his local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer—and the rest is history. Here are the top three takeaways from Darren’s successful carport build.



Challenging any cookie-cutter, rectangular box perceptions, modern steel carports are highly customisable to fit even the most irregular spaces. “Scott’s project was very different to what we normally build” says Darren, his builder. “The house is a boomerang shape, so we cut each sheet to the exact house line.” Regardless of your space, you can achieve the perfect fit.


“I just love the finished look of my carport,” Scott says. “The colours we’ve gone with complement the colours we chose for the house.” With the familiar COLORBOND® colour range at his disposal, Scott’s colour picks of SURFMIST® for the FLATDEK® 310 roof and WOODLAND GREY® for beams and posts create a cohesive overall look.


“For renovating and home building, I think communication is key,” Scott says. “We all know things like delays can happen. The difference is having a builder who informs you of these things straight away so you can be prepared—everyone is on the same page.”

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