Embracing the Wilderness at Three Capes Track Lodges

Innovative Steel Solutions and Biophilic Design in Remote Tasmania

Imagine constructing an eco-friendly lodge on a remote clifftop, where every material must be transported by helicopter. This was the challenge faced in creating the Three Capes Track Lodges in remote Tasmania, a retreat that offers hikers an unparalleled connection with nature.

A place where luxury meets wilderness, guests enjoy hot showers, cosy beds, and locally sourced food and wine in communal style accommodation that encourages social interaction between visitors and guides. Located on Tasmania's breathtaking Tasman Peninsula, these lodges showcase biophilic design with steel architecture blending harmoniously with the stunning landscape.

Flying With the Eagles 

Constructing the lodges in such an inaccessible and environmentally sensitive location posed significant challenges, with all materials arriving via helicopter. Architect Andrew Burns recalls, “We had to design the structure with the load capacity of the helicopter in mind”. From wooden planks to steel sheets, every component needed to be efficiently transported by air and assembled on-site. Flights paths needed to be meticulously planned to avoid disturbing nests of the local eagle population, a threatened species native to the area.

Architectural Design and Eco-Friendly Features

Three Capes Track Lodges embodies the principles of biophilic design and sustainability. The lodges are fully off-grid, utilising solar power for energy, rainwater harvesting systems, and comprehensive waste management. "We wanted buildings that touch the ground very gently," Burns said, emphasising the minimal environmental footprint. 

Visitors to the lodges are treated to a unique experience where the boundaries between indoor comfort and outdoor wilderness blur. The design ensures that each lodge offers breathtaking views of the Tasman Peninsula, with large openings that invite the surrounding natural beauty inside. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the connection to the environment, making the lodges a perfect retreat for nature enthusiasts.


Known for its deep and wide corrugations, this profile facilitated a minimalistic yet robust roof for the lodges. "The roof profile we've used is LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB ACCENT® 35 which gives us a long span between members, so we use a lot less structural steel [and] get that sense of lightness," Burns explained. 

The profile was made with COLORBOND® steel in the shade Monument®. "The dark Monument® colour plays a key role in the overall palette," noted Burns, emphasising how the hue helped the buildings recede seamlessly into their surroundings, maintaining a low visual impact.


The Three Capes Track Lodges exemplify how innovative design and sustainable materials can come together to create something truly special. Lysaght's products played a pivotal role in this project, proving their worth in one of the most challenging environments. Inspired by the beauty and resilience of these lodges? Explore how our product range can bring similar benefits your next building project.