Lysaght Electronic Data (EDI) Interchange provides faster ordering for All Metal Australia

Process improvement is an important way of increasing business efficiency. A means by which Lysaght is achieving this, in collaboration with their high volume partners, is through new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology.

In simple terms, EDI provides a seamless connection between Lysaght’s Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), and customers’ own computer software systems – this helps automate many day-to-day business transactions between Lysaght and its clients, leading to productivity increases through more accurate ordering, reduced data entry and elimination of other time-consuming manual processes.

Long time Lysaght partner, All Metal Australia, recently onboarded EDI within its operations after having been identified by Lysaght as being an ideal customer for the technology.

All Metal Australia operates six branches throughout New South Wales, servicing a wide range of residential and commercial builders with the full range of LYSAGHT® steel construction materials; its daily order volumes range from 30 to 50 orders per day. Additionally, All Metal Australia provide a variety of in-house fabrication services including manufacturing flashings, half round gutters, downpipes and similar items.

As well as placing a considerable number of orders per day, All Metal Australia’s software system was also deemed to be compatible, the key criteria being that its system documents could be interpreted and processed digitally with minimal human intervention.

All Metal Australia Manager, Mark Jonson, said the company was always looking at ways to streamline its operations, so was open to using the new technology from Lysaght.

“Lysaght was proactive in approaching us with the EDI system, and when told of the benefits it would provide, we were eager to learn more.”

“The team at Lysaght was very hands-on in setting-up EDI and liaising directly with our own software system provider to make everything happen. This was great because my knowledge in this area was limited – the support from Lysaght has been unbelievable, and the team is available on an ongoing basis should we have any concerns or questions that need clarifying.”

EDI technology has been used by Lysaght’s parent company, BlueScope, for some time to service its larger mill customers, so the system is proven and reliable.

To ensure complete integration between each client’s software system, Lysaght takes a bespoke approach, adjusting the operational parameters of the software to best suit the customer. For All Metal Australia, this has included setting-up customised templates, changing the location of mandatory fields and adjusting viewing layouts.



Along with providing efficiencies for partners, integration with Lysaght’s ERP also reduces data entry and administration time for Lysaght, leading to more responsive interactions with clients, improving their customer experience. This is a benefit that has already been noticed by All Metal Australia, even though the EDI has only been in place for several months, as Mark explains.

“The main efficiency we immediately felt was the speed at which we’re able to place orders, have them acknowledged and ultimately receive the LYSAGHT® steel building materials,” he said.

“Previously we’d place an order in the morning and receive confirmation by the end of the day via email, now it all happens much faster.”

Lysaght EDI summary benefits:

  • Automation of purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notices, invoices and test certificates
  • Improved data accuracy on all automated transactions
  • Increased productivity by consolidating and minimising data entry
  • 24/7 transaction processing
  • Superior customer experience

Lysaght clients who are interested in further discussing the benefits of EDI or beginning the process of connecting their system should contact their Lysaght Account Manager for further information.