Naya Haus: Blending Japandi Elegance with Modern Sustainability

Architectural Alchemy: The Japandi Essence of Naya Haus with LYSAGHT ENSEAM®

Introduction to Japandi Style

Naya Haus, a stunning project by Urban Abode Design and constructed by Craig Cooper Builders, stands as a striking embodiment of Japandi style—a perfect blend of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity. Lisa, the building designer and homeowner, explains, "The Japandi style... speaks to us deeply, having strong connections to Japan and having eloped in a Nordic country. The deeper style characteristics of functionality and connection to nature aligned with how we wanted to live within the home."

Design and Sustainability at Naya Haus

Perched in Cairns with panoramic views of Green Island, Naya Haus marries its distinctive style with eco-friendly features. "The main two considerations for all material selections were around sustainability and maintenance," Lisa notes, highlighting the project's commitment to environmental responsibility. Lisa also adds, “Materials were selected from Australian companies, particularly those that manufacture in Australia. This assisted in a positive life cycle analysis for the home.”


The dark, striking exterior of Naya Haus is defined by the LYSAGHT ZENITH® walling in the ENSEAM® profile, made with COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt. "Our chosen cladding perfectly matched the architectural vision of the contemporary Scandinavian barn," says Lisa. The sleek lines and matt texture resonate with Japandi's understated elegance, while the material's durability and recyclability echo the home's sustainable ethos.

Unique Features: A Tropical Sanctuary

The steep slope of the site inspired creative solutions, like the Plungie pool on the verandah, under cutouts in the roof for light and privacy. Lisa reflects, "Many of the characteristics of the Japandi style fit with our design principles and various creative choices." Lisa notes, The design was centred around the views of the Cairns city and surrounding hills and the block being 30 metres wide, the aim was to be able to see the view from as many rooms as possible.”

A Model of Modern Design

Naya Haus is a model of the fusion of style and sustainability. Through innovative materials like LYSAGHT ENSEAM® and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, it stands as an inspiring example for homeowners and designers alike. As Lisa puts it, "It is becoming increasingly easier to achieve a fusion of sustainability and style with the materials and products that are now available."

Naya Haus