3 ultra practical pergola builds


Although the modern definition of a pergola is continually debated, generally a pergola is understood to be a freestanding structure with open sides and a roof which may or not be exposed. Another important factor is the close relationship a pergola structure should have with your existing landscaping or how to incorporate it as your garden grows.

Sitting pretty within your backyard, a pergola can really become a superb garden feature. As you might guess, choosing the right location is essential. You’ll of course want to build on fertile ground near existing plants and vegetation or choose a spot where it’s easy to plant new varieties. Remember to strike a balance between climbers such as wisteria or grapevine and more colourful varieties like Bambino dwarf bougainvillea. Consider hanging potted hydrangeas to the space for a beautiful contrast to the climbers.


For a relatively simple structure, this pergola provides plenty of impact. Built in conjunction with a 10m LYSAGHT LIVING® patio, this poolside pergola came about in response to the homeowner’s desire for a relaxing space to enjoy drinks by the pool and a degree of sun protection. While it might not stray far from a standard pergola design, this minimalist approach demonstrates how a pergola can sit quietly within the overall look of your backyard. The pergola features a simple flat skillion roof with Thredbo White® as a great all-rounder colour choice for the roof sheeting and posts. Without the clutter of excess supporting columns, there’s ample room inside the pergola for an outdoor lounge suite and even the sun-loungers when it’s time to pack up for the day.


If you’ve always wanted a separate space for dining, but don’t warm to the traditional shape of a gazebo, a pergola is a great modern alternative. Whether you choose a contemporary flat or sloping skillion roof, or a more traditional pitched roof (gable, Dutch gable or hip), it’s easy to complement the look of your dining gazebo with your existing home. Further still, you can effortlessly colour match with choices from the familiar COLORBOND® steel colour range.

Built without the need for excess supporting columns, the internal space within your dining gazebo is free from clutter. Take your outdoor entertaining to the next level with plenty of space for a 14-seat dining table, side prep area, compact outdoor kitchen and a bar area. Complete the look with your choice of outdoor lighting and you’ll have the latest alfresco dining hotspot in your suburb.

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