Advice for when you are planning your new outdoor living space

Protection Against Wind 

One of the key steps in creating a comfortable deck is taking environmental factors into account. While many people think of sun exposure as enemy number one, the effect of wind can often be overlooked. Building a deck in the most wind-prone area of your backyard only spells frustration. Just imagine the chill of a blistering westerly extinguishing your (previously) candlelit down time.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to limit the effect of wind. When planning, try to position your deck along a fence line to create an instant wind-break. Or, if you have larger space you may want to divide up the space with a manufactured wind-break. Alternatively, if you prefer a natural look, you could even plant trees or shrubs to help soften gusts of wind. Talk to your LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer about the best custom accessories for your project.

Pool Decks

Go the Distance Own a backyard swimming pool? Great! you’ll definitely know how important a quality deck is for creating resort appeal. For the rest of us, picture spending an afternoon soaking up the sun on your own expansive pool deck. Bliss. But like any major investment, you will want to ensure your deck lasts longer than a ‘few laps’.

Low Maintenance

By bringing the benefits of COLORBOND® steel to the great Australian deck, LYSAGHT LIVING® has created a product engineered to last. The FIRMLOK® structural beams that form your deck’s flooring system are light, strong and universal in their application. Tested to survive harsh Australian conditions, FIRMLOK® beams will not warp or split, providing you structural integrity for years to come and overall peace of mind. You can also skip slavish ongoing maintenance jobs like painting, which means more fun in the sun!

Resist the Progress of Fire

In Australia, we are blessed with natural beauty and fantastic weather. But from coast to coast, environmental extremes such as bushfires continue to threaten and devastate at-risk communities. Tragedies such as the 2009 ‘Black Saturday’ in Victoria sparked revisions to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the introduction of strict new regulations to make categorising a home’s threat level in a bushfire a clearer and more accurate process.

Built to Australian Standards

Whether you live in a bushfire risk area or not, it’s reassuring to know the LYSAGHT FIRMLOK® flooring system is non-combustible and resists the progress of fire. More than just painted steel, COLORBOND® steel is manufactured to exact Australian Standards and is tested in some of Australia’s harshest conditions. Just like any home addition, ensure sure your project complies with local council or building authority regulations in your area. Your LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer can also provide information on building and structural requirements.