Carport Confidential

3 secrets only a builder would know

Although there’s a level of bias involved, we’re confident our national network of LYSAGHT LIVING® dealers are your best local experts in quality home additions. To give you a preview, let's reveal some insider knowledge around carports...

COMPARED TO BUILDING A GARAGE, YOU'LL SAVE - A LOT!: When you compare building a carport to a traditional, lockable garage, there are clear benefits when it comes to cost. But this difference might be even bigger than you expect. In fact, the difference between a 6m x 6m, traditional garage and a pitched roof carport can be around 50 per cent. Please get a quote from your local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer to calculate the exact figures for your situation.

STAY WITHIN YOUR BOUNDARIES: The building codes in your local area are one of many deciding factors for your project. Although your local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer will advise on the latest rules, for your peace of mind you can easily find this information on your state government and local council’s websites. The time spent doing your own research will ultimately save you time in the long run, especially during consultations. And just think - this knowledge may prevent the nightmare of building a carport that violates building code. Yes, unfortunately this can still happen!

KEEP YOUR PLACE IN THE SUN:  If your custom carport design extends the side of your house, it could block natural sunlight from entering specific rooms. Especially important in winter months, the issue is usually addressed with a simple skylight installation. By identifying this issue, you can conveniently incorporate skylights into your overall project timeline and budget.

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