Embracing the Contemporary: Redefine Your Roof with Lysaght

The Essence of Contemporary Home Styles

Contemporary home styles are celebrated for their unique blend of form, function, and forward-thinking design. They embody a minimalist aesthetic, marked by simple, clean lines and open spaces that encourage a seamless flow between indoors and out. Large windows and high ceilings are hallmarks, bringing in natural light and enhancing the sense of space. A mix of textures and materials—from timber and stone to glass and steel—adds depth and interest, while a neutral palette with occasional pops of colour keeps the focus on the architecture itself. This style is adaptable, reflecting the current trends and personal tastes, making it a popular choice for those looking to create a home that's both stylish and functional.


Roof Styles Elevating Contemporary Design

The ideal roof for a contemporary home merges aesthetics with functionality. Flat and skillion roofs are emblematic of contemporary design, offering sleek, clean lines that enhance the minimalist look. Flat roofs, with their subtle pitch for water runoff, contribute to a modern silhouette, while skillion roofs, known for their significant pitch, add dramatic angles and interest. Both styles support the contemporary ethos of simplicity and open space, making them perfect choices for homeowners seeking to embody modern architectural trends in their design.

Sculpting Modern Skylines with Lysaght Profiles

Lysaght's range of roofing and walling profiles breathes life into contemporary designs. Here are a few standout options:


  • ENSEAM®: With its nail-strip system, ENSEAM® offers a sleek, linear aesthetic perfect for modern architectural styles.
  • LONGLINE 305®: Tall, slender ribs and broad flat pans define this profile, offering a unique visual rhythm to any structure.
  • SNAPSEAM: The clean lines of SNAPSEAM® provide a contemporary look with the added benefit of clip-fixed security.
  • KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH®: For large commercial or expansive residential roofs, this profile offers unbeatable performance with a modern edge.


These profiles are not just about aesthetics; they're designed for Australian conditions, offering durability and performance alongside style.

A Palette for Contemporary Elegance

The choice of colour plays a pivotal role in defining the contemporary home. Lysaght offers a range of colours in COLORBOND® steel finishes that complement and enhance the architectural design:


  • Bold and Beautiful: Make a statement with deep tones like Monument®, Dover White™, or Basalt®.
  • Subtle Sophistication: For a softer look, consider 'greige' tones like Surfmist®, Dune®, and Gully®, which blend beautifully with natural surroundings and materials.


Contemporary design is all about expressing individuality while embracing efficiency and sustainability. With Lysaght's diverse range of profiles and colours, tailored to contemporary tastes, you have the freedom to craft a home that's not only visually stunning but also deeply personal and reflective of modern living standards.


Embrace the contemporary with Lysaght, and let your home tell a story of modern elegance and innovation.