The Hidden Benefits Of Having A Carport


Regardless of the area they’re looking in for their new home, potential homebuyers need a way to protect their second most valuable asset – such as vehicle or boat. A carport offers that protection and gives homebuyers that peace of mind – something they don’t get with a home that leaves vehicles with no option other than to park on the street or in an exposed driveway.

When it comes to the protection of a carport and how they add value to a home, something that sets a LYSAGHT LIVING® carport from the rest is the unparalleled durability of COLORBOND® steel. With a recognised and trusted reputation, COLORBOND® steel is rigorously tested to survive the harshest Australian conditions, from extremes of heat and cold, to dust, rain, wind and hail. How many other carports can offer that guarantee of protection? If you decide to sell your home down the track, think about the way a LYSAGHT LIVING® carport could realistically increase your asking price.

When it comes time to renew your car insurance, one of the questions you’re asked is how you park your vehicle at home. Most insurance companies will take off-street carports, garages and secure parking bays into consideration when calculating your premium. Cars parked in these off-street structures lower the risk of damage from a number of factors, such as being hit by another car while parked on the street, environmental damage and theft.

Yes, even a strong, well-lit carport can deter a potential thief. It makes their task more difficult as your exposed vehicle is no longer an easy target. Having a carport gives your car insurance company the clear message that you take the security of your vehicle seriously.


You’re probably familiar with sayings like, “a picture paints a thousand words” and “first impressions last.” Well, these definitely ring true when it comes to your home. Curb appeal is all about your home giving a great first impression when it is viewed from the street. But that doesn’t mean you need to painstakingly maintain a manicured and landscaped extravaganza. Having a neat and tidy front yard that’s devoid of clutter conveys a clean, orderly vibe. A motley crew of vehicles parked all over your front yard doesn’t fit in this picture!

A LYSAGHT LIVING® carport can be the perfect way to not only protect your vehicle, but also improve your home’s curb appeal at the same time. Passers-by and even potential buyers are able to take in the true size of your front yard with everything neatly in place. To further improve your home’s curb appeal, it’s so simple to create a streamlined look for your new carport to match your home’s current look. Try complementing the roof shape of your home with a range of structure options such as skillion and Dutch Gable or choose the perfect colour for your new carport from the popular COLORBOND® steel colour range.


In this day and age with our growing population, it’s hard to deny we’re accumulating more things and craving more space. Every nook and cranny counts when you’re looking for a new home. The extra storage space carports offer homebuyers will bump your home up in their estimation to no end.

Once complete, you may consider installing shelving, a standalone storage unit or even creating a workshop area within your carport. Regardless, having a specific place to store your bulky items like a bench press and boxing bag, a table saw, beer fridge, or winter sports gear is a fantastic extra perk of the carport.

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