The Carport Checklist

Considering a carport? Here are some key questions to think over…

A quality-built carport is one of the most simple and affordable outdoor additions on the market. Regardless of whether you are building one or even 30, carports are purpose-built structures. They provide shelter from the elements for your most valuable assets such as cars, boats and caravans. To get a head start on your project, ask yourself the following questions...

DO I WANT IT TO MATCH THE LOOK OF MY HOUSE? This essential question is a key consideration in building an attached or freestanding carport, along with selecting the most appropriate roof profile. Steel carports by LYSAGHT LIVING® can be customised, and your local dealer is ready to create a perfectly tailored complement to your home.

WHAT DO I NEED TO SHELTER? Is it just a medium sedan, or is there a large 4WD in the mix as well? And have you mentioned your boat or a caravan that could benefit from a carport? Making allowances for your unique portfolio of vehicles will directly affect any height requirements or variations in your build.

WHAT DOES MY IDEAL CARPORT LOOK LIKE? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. During the quotation process, explaining every unique detail of your property can quickly become confusing. If your technical drawing skills aren't up to scratch, don’t worry. Even a basic sketch is a big plus. Your drawing will allow you to draw attention to specific details, identify challenges and provide overall visual context.

Be sure to include factors such as the carport’s rough dimensions, whether it attaches to your house and if posts are likely to go through concrete or the ground.

ARE THERE ANY ABSOLUTE BUILD REQUIREMENTS? It’s best to check these non-negotiables at the start of your project. These might include a need for extra height which may require a design that extends over your existing roof. While being prepared is a clear advantage, don’t feel pressured into thinking you need to cover it all. Your local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer is here to help.

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